Lightweight & Portable Best Crib For Small Spaces

Are you looking for a smaller crib for your baby? Are you living in an apartment or modest size home where do you face difficulty to keep the crib in small spaces, Parents always want to purchase a crib that is wide and comfortable for their baby sleep, when it comes to small space, it’s a bit hard to choose the best one.

A crib is one piece of furniture in which your baby spends most of her initial months, there’s no doubt that you want to make this crib as safe as possible. But finding a is perhaps the most essential to do tasks for your little one.

best crib for small spaces

Mini cribs are much smaller than standard-size cribs, and some come with wheels, which make it easy to move your child from your room. Some mini cribs also can be folded flat to store during a closet or under a bed. Mini cribs are a great way to save space.

When you want to purchase the crib for a smaller space you have to make sure of the product size, quality, and material. A mini crib is smaller it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality.

After going through a lot of these mini cribs, you can’t decide the best crib for small spaces then you don’t worry I shortlist five of the best mini cribs which have the best possible features.

Read through my shortlist, to get all the varieties and details about these awesome baby cribs designed for small spaces. Keep reading!

Comparison Table of Best Crib for Small Spaces

Product ImageProduct NameProduct Information

Best Cribs for Small Spaces Winner:

Babyletto Origami Mini Portable Crib
  • Material Type: Pine wood
  • Item Weight: 49.6 pounds
  • Available Colors: 6 Colors
  • Mattress Included: 1" mattress pad
  • Product Dimensions: 39.2 x 25.7 x 36 inches
  • Mattress Position: 2 adjustable mattress positions
  • Safety Matters: Finished in a non-toxic, meet all safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM

Best Mini Crib 1st Runner Up:

Davinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib
  • Maximum weight: 50 Pounds
  • Material Type: Wood, Cherry, Oak
  • Colors: 5 Colors Available
  • Mattress Included: No
  • Finish: White
  • Mattress Position: 4 adjustable mattress positions
  • Item Weight: 38 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 39.88 x 28.63 x 38 inches
  • Safety Matters: GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meet all safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM

Best Mini Crib 2nd Runner Up:

Dream on Me Aden 4-in-1 Mini Crib
  • Maximum weight: 40 Pounds
  • Material Type: Wood
  • Available Colors: 7 Colors
  • Finish: White
  • Mattress Included: No
  • Item Weight: 20 pounds
  • Mattress Position: 3 adjustable mattress positions
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 40 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 39 x 23 x 36 inches
  • Safety Matters: JPMA Certified, meet all safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM

Best Cribs with Storage and Changing Table:

Dream on Me Mini Convertible Crib
  • Maximum weight: 50 Pounds
  • Material Type: Pine Wood
  • Available Colors: 4 Colors
  • Mattress Included: 1" mattress pad
  • Mattress Position: 3 adjustable mattress positions
  • Compatible products: 3-In-1 Convertible Crib
  • Finish: White
  • Item Weight: 64.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 56.75 x 29 x 41 inches
  • Safety Matters: Meet all safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM

Best Mini Crib with Wheels:

Davinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib
  • Maximum weight: 50 Pounds
  • Material Type: New Zealand Pine Wood and TSCA compliant MDF
  • Available Colors: 6 Colors
  • Mattress Included: 1" mattress pad
  • Mattress Position: 3 adjustable mattress positions
  • Finish: Painted
  • Specification met: Certified frustration-free
  • Wheel type: Lockable & removable
  • Item Weight: 26 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 38.38 x 26.13 x 35 inches
  • Safety Matters: GREENGUARD Gold Certified, meet all safety standards set by the CPSC and ASTM

List of Best Crib for Small Spaces

  1. Davinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib
  2. Dream on Me Aden 4-in-1 Mini Crib
  3. Babyletto Origami Mini Portable Crib
  4. Dream on Me Mini Convertible Crib
  5. Davinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib

5 Best Crib for Small Spaces

1. Davinci Kalani 4-in-1 Convertible Mini Crib

Davinci Kalani mini cribs are green guard gold certified. They have tested over 10,000 chemicals and guaranteed healthy for sleep and play. This crib has to convert to a mini toddler bed, daybed, and twin-size bed. It measures 20 inches long by 28 inches wide.

This stylish crib gives a classic look, you can continue to use when your baby turns into a big kid. These are the best convertible cribs for small spaces. With a conversion kit that is sold separately, it can turn into a twin bed.

Adjust the crib to 2- different mattress heights using the one-inch pad it comes with or another mattress.

keep up from the nursery to the teen age

●      Great Design

Davinci makes stunning cribs. The Kalani mini crib has a stylish yet functional design. It’s a perfect crib for small spaces.

This design apart, it has three adjustable mattress levels. Most small cribs just have the two. This sturdy crib has a classic, sleek design that helps reduce its size.

If you are looking for a smaller crib the Davinci Kalani mini crib is exactly what you need! The soft yet subtle curves of this crib provide a timeless design that is additionally incredibly functional.

●      Impressive Features

The Davinci Kalani 4-in-1 fits any standard size mini crib mattress and features four adjustable mattress positions to lower as your baby grows.

This mini crib is perfect for smaller rooms and spaces. This mini crib is both a space-saver and money-saver and can be used for years with the purchase of conversion kits.

This Davinci Kalani can be used up to 50Ibs. This is a bit longer than other cribs. Parents have reported their toddlers sleeping using this one until they are two years old.

●      Quality Material

The Davinci Kalani mini crib is sturdy and made of high-quality materials. It has made from sustainable pine wood (the mattress support board is made of carb II compliant MDF)

It is very lightweight and easily moves from room to room without any problem. This crib is easy to assemble and can purchase own, or with the green guard gold certified mini mattress.

●      Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Converts to twin bed
  • Non-toxic
  • Three adjustable mattress position
  • Multiple color options
  • Used up to 50Ibs
  • No wheels
  • Does not come with a mattress

2. Dream on Me Aden 4-in-1 Mini Crib

Dream on me mini cribs are an ideal crib option for space-saving. A clean design and small footprint allow it to fit into any nursery theme and the crib can convert into a twin bed. The mini crib’s entire piece measures about 39 inches long by 28 inches wide.

The dream on me Aden is a great mini crib. It is a compact crib that only takes up 2 by 3 of floor space. This makes it one of the best small cribs for small spaces.

●      Great Design

Dream on me crib has converted from a mini crib to a day bed, to a twin-sized bed with a headboard or footboard. It also comes in five different colors to adapt to any room design.

It has three different mattress positions, allowing you to change the height of the mattress depending on what is more comfortable for you and safest for the baby. It also includes a 1- inch mattress pad.

●      Impressive Features

This dream mini crib has so many different features for the price, including four different mattress height positions and the option to convert into a toddler daybed and a twin size bed.

There is no conversion kit needed unless you are going for the twin bed option. In that case, you will need to buy a frame that the crib can attach to become a headboard or footboard.

This mini crib does not have any wheels, and there is no mattress pad included. It’s not having wheels but is lightweight easy to move around.

●      Quality material

The mini crib is affordable and the perfect size for a small space. It has held up well. It has made from solid pine wood. The crib measure and the weight capacity of 50 pounds.

This dream on me 4-in-1 mini crib is both stylish and durable. It is safe, strong, and easy to assemble. It has been tested for toxic materials and meets or exceeds all government safety standards.

●      Pros & Cons

  • Sturdy wood construction
  • Affordable
  • Convertible to a twin-sized bed
  • Adjustable 3 mattress positions
  • Uses only 2 by 3-floorspace
  • Solid pine wood finish
  • Not easy to adjust mattress level
  • Does not come with wheels

3. Babyletto Origami Mini Portable Crib

The babyletto origami mini portable crib is a modern and posh alternative to a co-sleeper or bassinet is sturdy, functional, and perfect for small spaces. It can accommodate an infant up to and beyond 18 months.

Portable mini cribs are likely to have wheels to make them easy to move from one place to another. It is the best crib for small apartments. If you live in a one-floor house or an apartment and want to move the baby’s crib from one room to another place so, you can do it easily.

Many portable mini cribs come with locking wheels. Foldable mini cribs are a great option if you have a sleeping arrangement for your baby. If they are not in use cribs can fold away into a corner.

●      Great Design

This portable mini crib has a super trendy design that comes in black, white, or in two pretty pastel colors. It’s foldable and has wheels, making it easy to transport.

easily foldable

It’s also several inches smaller than other mini cribs, making it even more adaptable to small spaces.

It comes with a 1-inch mattress pad and has two adjustable mattress levels to adapt as your baby grows. It measures 39 inches long by 26 inches wide and has quite a generous upper weight limit of 149 pounds.

●      Impressive Features

One feature we love about the origami portable mini crib is the wheels. The wheels make it easy to move the crib around the room, or even into another room for daytime napping, or if you need to use the baby’s room for visiting guests, etc.

When you live in a small space, wheels and portability are a great features for added flexibility and help you maximize the use of each room.

The biggest benefit of a small crib is its ability to fit almost anywhere. If the baby sleeps in your room at night, but you need to sleep the baby elsewhere during the day, you can easily move this crib to another part of the house.

Portability means your child can sleep in a familiar sleep environment, no matter where they go.

●      Quality Material

This crib has made out of sustainable New Zealand pine wood and is GreenGuard gold certified, it has screened for 360 VOCs and over 10,000 chemicals.

This mini crib comes in four different colors and two different mattress heights for comfort and security. The crib finish is lead and phthalate-free, limiting your child’s exposure to harmful compounds.

It’s not a fancy baby crib, it will fit in nicely with various décor. The origami mini crib by babyletto is ideal for little spaces. The rolling feet allow it to be moved around, and the flat-folding construction makes it easy to store.

●      Pros & Cons

  • Trendy design
  • Foldable
  • Has wheels
  • Smaller than other mini cribs
  • Solid mattress support
  • Two adjustable mattress level
  • On the more expensive side

4. Dream on Me Mini Convertible Crib

The dream on me mini convertible crib has attached changing table with drawer for storage can save space in tight quarters. The drawers have eventually been removed and the crib can convert into a twin bed. If you need a crib that fits in small spaces and has some extra storage the Dream on me Jayden is the best mini crib for small space.

This compact crib measures 56.8 L x 29 W x 41 H. it is doing triple duty with a baby change table and storage drawers.

There is now a wide range of convertible mini cribs, which changed into a toddler bed when your child is big enough to make that transition. This means you can get more use of the mini crib, which is always a bonus.

●      Great Design

This mini convertible crib has a beautifully constructed multipurpose mini crib. It offers sturdy rails for safety, three-level mattress support, 1-inch changing matters pad.

The Jayden 4-in-1 mini convertible crib changer grows along with your child. Initially, like a crib, you can convert it into a mini daybed and twin-size bed. Its compact size makes it ideal for little spaces.

This has been specially designed for toddlers as they transition from crib to bed. This dream-on-me convertible toddler bed also features an attached changing station for straightforward late-night changes.

●      Impressive Features

The Jayden mini crib comes with a detachable three-drawer changing table. It has equipped with a changing pad and restraining strap with an easy release buckle to keep your baby safely secured.

The crib has a 3- position adjustable mattress height setting that comes with the regulatory 1 mattress pad. Choose a Dream on me non-toxic, Green guard gold certified mini or portable crib mattress for a perfect fit.

The Dream on me Jayden has traditional styling, with nine color options to fit a variety of color schemes. The mattress height will adjust to 3 different levels as your child grows.

●      Quality Material

The Dream mini convertible crib has built of New Zealand pinewood, it boasts minimalist design features- gentle, smooth arches & sturdy feet. It is available in 6 beautiful finishes allowing you to mix and match with any room theme.

The mini crib is the perfect alternative for small spaces without giving up fashion, function, or safety. It has 50 pounds of weight capacity. The Jayden crib tested for lead and other toxic elements to meet or exceed government and ASTM safety standards.

●     Pros & Cons

  • Convertible into a twin-sized bed
  • Affordable
  • Sturdy wood construction
  • Available in 3 colors
  • All tools assembly included
  • Drill holes make the assembly work
  • No wheels

5. Davinci Alpha Mini Rocking Crib

Davinci alpha mini crib rocking crib is big in style and function. It is with wheels off and it is gently rock baby to bed right in the crib with the alpha crib’s comforting and rocking feature.

A mini rocking crib stops easily and lets you set your crib at a sturdy standstill. If the wheels are on, you can easily move Alpha around the home to keep the baby nearby.

A rocking crib is a space-saving size. Alpha has solidly built with a sturdy structure and strong slats.

●      Great Design

It is designed like rolling wheels allow you to move the cribs around freely. And it is moved aside to clean those hard-to-reach areas under the crib. Wheels can be locked to keep the crib stationary.

The alpha mini crib is a great alternative for smaller spaces such as the parent’s bedroom and smaller apartments or to store grandparent’s houses to make traveling back and forth easy for the whole family.

●      Impressive Features

Alpha mini rocking crib has three adjustable mattress positions. It has removable wheels included for mobility. 1 waterproof pad included and 4 Davinci mattress options sold separately for added cushioning.

The rocking feature is nice also has stoppers so you can have stabilized. If you can take the rails off one side and keep it next to your bed like a bassinet.

This is the best baby crib for small space. This mini crib works great. It can fit pretty much anywhere without compromising space for the baby.

wheel off crib

●      Quality Material

A rocking crib is made of 100% solid sustainable New Zealand Pine wood and wood frame with TSCA compliant MDF board mattress support. It is green guard gold certified screened for 360 VOCs and over 10,000 chemicals.

They have tested many chemicals. It supports improve indoor air quality, creating a healthier environment for your baby to sleep, play, and grow.

It is a non-toxic multi-step painting process and lead and phthalate safe.

●      Pros & Cons

  • Has wheels
  • Come with a 1- year warranty
  • Good for newborns up to 18 months
  • Well-designed product
  • Space-saving design
  • Not foldable
  • Off-putting smell

My Pick

I’d suggest from all of the above top products for the mini crib has to be the babyletto origami mini portable crib.

It is super stylish, foldable, portable, trendy design with wheels, and occupies small space, making it a great addition to any room without taking up too much space. The rest of the products are also up to the mark, it is just a matter of preference and priority.

Have you used a mini crib before? How long does your baby sleep in it?


Mini cribs are a great way to save space and keep your baby close. In today’s market if you see they have evolved to offer many options to grow with your baby.

These cribs can give you flexibility and equality. As you see I mentioned above all the top products with qualities, features, design, and including the best crib for small spaces.

Important Points to Consider

If you are searching for a crib and you have not still found the perfect crib for a small space I can help you how to find the best crib for a small room.

There are so several options for nursery cribs available today. Depending on your requirements and preferences choose between a mini crib, a regular crib with lots of storage, and even maybe a co-sleeper crib that attaches to the parent’s bed.

If you live in an apartment, a small house with limited space finds a baby bed that ensures safety and comfort but occupies minimum space.

But the question is if you have a full-size crib how you will adjust that in a small space so let’s have a look

Best full-size crib for small spaces

You live in a small home mini cribs are an especially elegant option for small spaces. Regular size crib or full-size crib is too large for your space, or literally will not fit, then a mini crib is a way to go.

Babies can stay in them for extended than other options, like bassinets. There are many crib solutions for small spaces if you see many parents can’t fit a full-size crib into their room. But a mini crib allows you to room share more easily and for longer.

There are also other benefits and safety in a mini crib.

Benefits and Crib Safety

There are many benefits of mini cribs. A mini portable crib will fit in the space and providing a safe place for the baby to sleep. It is also useful if you have twins and can’t fit two cribs in the same room.

This portable crib is also easy to carry wherever you go. It provides a more sanitary sleeping environment for your baby than a shared crib. When you choose a crib safety is one of the most important things.

Keeping all the points in mind. Such as design, wheels, space to make the best crib for small rooms Moreover, I must say babyletto origami portable crib is great for babies.

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