Benefits & Safety Guide on Newborn Twins Sleeping Arrangements

Are you in the phase of becoming a parent? Oh wait, are you expecting twins? You are on the correct page if this is the case! Today’s article will highlight all the extra special steps you need to take for your cute little munchkins.

The most difficult part for every parent is to make their baby sleep peacefully. This struggle increases if you have twins rather than a single baby! In any case, every parent just wants the accomplishment of just a single thing. That is the proper sleep and growing patterns of their baby.

For achieving this, you need to know the newborn twins sleeping arrangements. No matter you prefer making your twins sleep with you and your spouse or separately in their cots. Both ways you should know the proper ways to place each twin to sleep. The direction of each one of them should complement the other.

Keeping in mind all the scenarios that might cause discomfort to anyone of them because of the other. For example, there should be enough space between your twins so that you can pick anyone without disturbing the other.

It has horizontal and vertical positions, whether to make them sleep in height or width of the cot. All of these arrangements matter a lot. These steps would not only make your work easy but also help your twins grow in a practically comfortable environment.

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Why Is It Important To Consider Newborn Twins Sleeping Arrangements?

Have you ever wondered why so much emphasis is being made on how sleeping twins need to be put in bed or a crib? You cannot just lay your little ones on any surface and in any direction. Things you need to keep in mind are that whether your twins would be sharing the same crib or a separate one. Secondly, the positions on which they should be laid so that one baby does not prove to be the source of suffocation for the other!

Is It Safe For Twins To Sleep Together Or Should You Be Concerned About SIDS?

It is said that the newborn twins if made to sleep together, might have positive effects on the growth and mood of the baby. But on the other hand, you can not deny the fact of increased chances of SIDS. Let me tell you that SIDS stands for sudden infant death syndrome! Yes, twins sleeping together can somehow become the cause of each other’s death. Due to suffocation and increased body temperature while one baby topples over the other.

Few Terms You Should Be Aware Of

There are a few terms you should be aware of. Once you understand what they exactly mean, decision-making would become pretty easy for you.

  • Sharing of the same crib__Co-bedding

When you make your duplex sleep in the same bassinet or crib, it is known as co-bedding. Your twins are accommodated in the same sleeping space.

  • Sharing of the same room__Co-sleeping

When you share the room with your twins, with or without your partner, is called co-sleeping. It is usually advised to co-sleeping with your little ones till at least 12 months of age.

Watch the video for a guide about how to co-sleeping more safely.

  • Sharing of same bed__Bed-sharing

When you make your babies sleep with you on the same bed as you do, it is called bed-sharing. While doing so, you should remain very cautious as the incidence of SIDS increases 21 folds while bed-sharing.

Advantages of co-bedding

When twins sleep together in a co-sleeper bassinet, there are some positive as well as negatives effects on them. First, let us talk about the positivities. Your munchkins when lay down together in close approximations, develop affection towards one another

Not to forget that babies who are exposed to their womb partners tend to become more emotionally attached to their siblings. Another advantage of twins sleeping in the same crib is the space-saving advantage.

How to Decide What Sleeping Arrangement is Best for Your Family?

You as a parent might not like the fact of keeping separate cribs in your bedroom along with your bed. It would occupy too much space in the room. The idea of having one crib sounds wise enough right?

After the advantages, step in the disadvantages. Believe it or not, after knowing the bad side of twins co-sleeping, you might adopt the previous idea. The idea of separate beddings for your little ones despite the space issue!

One twin might become the reason for suffocation for the other twin. This can happen when babies sleeping very close together might cause the body temperature of their sibling to increase and hence, cause death. So, to avoid such heart-wrenching incidents, it is advisable to have separate sleep spaces for each twin.

Baby beds for twins

As mentioned earlier that it can be difficult for you as a parent to keep two separate cribs in your room for your twins. A single bed for twin babies is, therefore, an economical and space-saving option.

Sleeping Arrangement Options for Twins in a Shared Crib

For this, you need to know special twin sleeping arrangements for your little ones. Sleeping arrangements refer to how you can put them to sleep in their cribs. If pondered clearly, these technicalities will help the children sleep comfortably with enough room.

  • Side by Side-Transverse
Side by Side-Transverse
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You should bear that your babies will inevitably overgrow the scale of the basin. The bed for a twin’s newborn which you buy should have enough space both lengthwise and widthwise. This can lead to increased chances of one superimposing the other.

Although, the width-wise sleep is also the cause of very comfortable sleep for both of your children while sleeping.

  • Side by Side-Vertical
Side by Side-Vertical

One of the most appropriate positions for two babies sleeping together is also the most practical one. In this you make the twins sleep lengthwise rather than widthwise and in this position, each child gets peaceful sleep.

  • Head to Head
Head to Head

There is one more option for your child that is head-to-head sleep. In the position of head-to-head, both your babies will remain safe. So, you can also consider this position according to ease and comfort.

Co-sleeper for twins

It is advised by the medical authorities that as a parent, you should be co-sleeping with your kids until they turn twelve months. This helps you to keep an eye on them the whole night. It also creates a strong bond between you as a parent with your twins.

Co-sleeper crib for twins

Shared Crib

Various products in the market would suit your tiny munchkins. One of those things includes the cribs of multiple babies. Yes, you do get a proper crib which allows accommodation of both the twins together.

It has enormous space. But at the same time, you should know beforehand how to utilize this space. You can use the space the way you want, to make the most of it. If this crib is convertible into bassinet mode, it would be a cherry on top!

You would not have any issues putting your twins to sleep as the bassinet would keep on rocking. The angle at which both the babies are placed in their crib matters a lot. If the position is incorrect, it can lead to disturbed and altered sleep patterns of your child.

For making the twins sleep peacefully and make them regular sleepers, your skills will be required. The best angle would be both children facing each other. That is each one facing the opposite direction of the crib. This will prevent any one of them from climbing over the other.

  • Standard Size Crib For Twins Sleeping Arrangements

baby sleeper bed into the crib for little bit separation will need to buy separately, check out from Amazon.

. You can not only use the crib for making your twins sleep with you but also some twin beds that are interconvertible. For example,

  • Couch beside crib for twins

Keeping a couch or a foldable sofa beside the crib of your babies can let you sleep more peacefully. You will not have to get up and go to their crib for checking them. So the sleep cycles of you and your child both will remain undisturbed.

The fact that twins can become the source of suffocation for each other cannot be denied. If you will be just beside them, the chances of SIDS would also drop drastically. You must be noticing that there are more positive points. When I am talking about close proximations between parents and twins, of course, there would be more love when a mother holding twins also sleeps with them.

Co-sleeper bassinet for twins

If you are unable to grab your hands-on twin cribs, then you can even try the twin bassinets. It would work just the same great way as the other!

Make sure to select a size that will not let your duplex outgrow too soon. It should at least be wide and long enough to bear them for a couple of months or at least a year!

Not everyone can afford that. Similarly, you would not want to buy a new bassinet just after a few months. It is very necessary to select the best thing initially.

If your positioning of babies is in the right direction, there will be no issues with their sleeping. Just the lying position matters. Both of these have a high correlation.

One more option which you may find in your twin’s cribs is the storage pockets! You can store a bunch of things for kids in those pockets while traveling.

  • Twin bassinets cribs

The demanding society has created the need for multiple options in a single product. If you get the perks of all the things in a single go, why would you say no? Try to search for beds that offer the advantages of both, cribs as well as bassinets.

You must be aware that what benefits you can get out of your twins sleeping together. Twins who are exposed to co-bedding, tend to have more peaceful periods of sleep.

Twins keep each other warm. This helps to regulate their body heat and does not let them feel cold. The breastfeeding pattern for the twins improves if they are fresh after a good night’s sleep.

Only the thing to keep in mind is the age of both the babies should be the same. Not like making a toddler sleep with a newborn. This will for sure increase the risk of SIDS for the little one.

How Long Can Twins Sleep In The Same Crib?

The query emerges here as to how long the twins can sit in one crib and sleep. So to solve this challenge, I have to clarify the specifics of the dilemma. And we’re going here!

Baby twins will sleep in a crib for six months after birth, according to a study. There will be fewer chances of cot death in the starry month of their birth. It is also advised that twins can sleep in a crib together for up to 18 months.

What measures to take while the twins sleep together?

Now that you know the advantages of your twins sniffing into each other, let me tell you a few precautionary measures too. Certain things should be kept in mind while you decide on making your twins sleep together.

  • Lying down positions

Place the twins in the best possible positions. If they are wrapped up or swaddled, then there is no issue. But if they are not, they might hit one another with their hands or legs. Do not lay them in the same direction. Place them in opposite directions. Their legs should be on the opposite corners of the crib.

  • Not disturbing the other while picking one of them

If you want to feed them one by one, make sure to be careful while picking one of them. The sleep should not be disturbed; otherwise, the babies turn out to be very cranky the next day.

  • Pillows, comforters and bedsheets, all should be out

While the babies sleep together, there should not be any loosely fitted bedsheet or a pillow cover. This can cause SIDS in twins as kids may wrap them around their neck! Or might put them on their face, hence, making them breathless.

  • Dim lights and lullabies

Try to have some dim lights in the room where your twins are sleeping. This will not let them be scared of the jet night background. Some cribs and bassinets consist of some light music as well as dim lights. These help the baby fall asleep more quickly.

The rocking of the bassinet on the other hand also helps a lot. It can put the baby back to sleep without you doing any struggling job.


Should twins sleep in the same crib?

Yes, only if you take the required steps like placing them in opposite directions. Otherwise not.

How do I cope with newborn twins?

You can keep them in rocking cribs to make them smooth and put them to sleep.

What should newborn twins sleep in?

They should be sleeping in twin cribs or maybe with you, totally depends on you.


The argument that your twins should sleep with you or in their cribs always ends in a disputed way. Well, it all depends on what you prefer. You can give your twins all their personal space to sleep, eat, grow, and play! But before that, make sure you know the newborn twins sleeping arrangements.

You can just do it all in your way. Sometimes not following instructions can prove to be deadly for your little ones. I am hoping that this article was an eye-opener for you and interesting at the same time.

Do let me know through contact us about it and the topic on which you would like to read more.

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