8 Choices of Best Portable Crib For Grandma’s House 2023

Are you a new parent? Or someone works during the day and needs a babysitter for his/her baby? Whatever your concern is, I have a solution for that.

All a baby needs for himself is a comfortable space to sleep and play in. the marketplace is filled with a handful of differently styled and multi-functioning cribs. With a diverse collection of cribs available, you can look for the one that suits your nature of work.

Though the babysitting culture is growing day by day, nothing can beat grandma in this job. Because when it comes to grandma’s, they know exactly how to handle a baby. In short, they are a literal pro at this job.

Make sure that you provide them with all the necessary stuff so that the lady doesn’t have a hard time. In a baby’s case, that includes diapers, feeders, wipes, pair of clothes and the list goes on. Going back and forth from your house to grandma’s house, and gathering all this stuff is a hassle.

Therefore, parents prefer buying a crib that’s sturdy yet easy to carry around. Perfect for travelling. Other than that, you need to have a storage bag or a caddy that can keep all your stuff neatly adjusted.

 Looking for quality with quantity is the key to productive shopping. Therefore, below I will list one of the best portable crib for grandma’s house. Hope this will help you get the most of your crib experience.

In a Hurry? We Choose Best Overall Crib For Grandparent’s House After Our Editor’s Research

Comparison Table of Best Portable Crib For Grandma’s House

Image Main Features Available on
Babyletto Origami Mini Portable Crib with Wheels Green Guard Gold Certified Luxury Crib
  • Product dimensions is 39.2 x 25.7 x 36 inches
  • The material type is Pinewood
  • 6 colors are available
  • Item weight is 49.6 pounds
  • Pay $44.83/month for 6 months (plus S&H, tax) with 0% interest
Dream on Me 2 in 1 Portable Folding Stationary Crib  Top Rated Portable Crib 
  • Product dimensions is 40 x 26 x 38 inches
  • The material type is Pinewood
  • Additional product features are WheelsFolding, Convertible
  • Espresso finish
  • Item weight is 32 pounds
  • 4 colors are available
  • Get $50 off instantly: Pay $96.01 upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card
DaVinci Dylan Folding Portable 3-in-1 Crib Best for Co-Sleeping Crib
  • Product dimensions is 40.35 x 25.08 x 40.9 inches
  • New Zealand Pine Wood and TSCA compliant MDF
  • 2 colors are available
  • Item weight is 25.1 pounds
  • Get $50 off instantly: Pay $79.01 upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card
Graco Travel Lite Crib Best Portable Cribs For Infants  
  • Product dimensions is 23.2 x 33.5 x 32.2 inches
  • The maximum height limit is 35 Inches
  • An additional product feature is Convertible
  • 2 colors are available
  • Styles are Travel Lite, My View 4 in 1
  • Item weight is 19 pounds
  • (20% discount)
  • Get $50 off instantly: Pay $93.99 upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card
Baby Trend Retreat Nursery Center Best Pack And Play For Grandparents 
  • Product dimensions is 41 x 29.25 x 29 inches
  • The maximum height limit is 35 Inches
  • Material types are Polyester, Plastic, Steel
  • Care instructions are Spot or wipe clean
  • 3 colors are available
  • Batteries required? Yes
  • Item weight is 33.4 pounds
  • Pay $26.67/month for 6 months (plus S&H, tax) with 0% interest
Dream on Me 3 in 1 Portable Folding Stationary Side Crib Best Folding Portable Crib 
  • Product dimensions is 41 x 26 x 40 inches
  • Material type is Wood
  • Additional product features are WheelsFolding & Convertible
  • 5 colors are available
  • Natural finish
  • Item weight is 32 pounds
  • Pay $27.01/month for 6 months (plus S&H, tax) with 0% interest
Delta Children Portable Mini Crib Best Portable Folding Baby Cribs
  • Product dimensions is 40 x 25.25 x 40 inches
  • The maximum weight Limit is 35 Pounds
  • Material type is Wood
  • Additional product features are Under Crib Storage, WheelsFolding & Eco-Friendly
  • Natural finish
  • Item weight is 35 pounds
  • 5 colors are available
  • (21% discount)
  • Get $50 off instantly: Pay $52.99 upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card
BABY JOY Baby Foldable Travel Crib Best Foldable Travel Crib 
  • Product dimensions is 45.5 x 31 x 27 inches
  • Material types are Aluminum Tubes(Foot) , Iron Tubes (Handrail), Mesh Cloth
  • Item weight is 11 pounds
  • 2 colors are available
  • Get $50 off instantly: Pay $59.99 upon approval for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card

8 Best Portable Crib For Grandma’s House

best portable crib for grandma's house

1.  Babyletto Origami Mini Portable Crib with Wheels

Created to be better and lighter than the traditional ones, this mini crib from Babyletto is functional.

Flawless Construction

Perfectly safe, as deemed by the Green Guard Gold Certification, this item will grow along with your kid. New Zealand’s natural pinewood is used in the creation of this crib that keeps it firm and secure.

With lead and phthalate-free finishing, the crib is foldable and meets the ASTM International and JPMA’s certification.

Signature Design

Evident from its graceful construction is its gorgeous design. Coming around with an adjustable mattress set, this crib makes the baby pick super easy. You may raise the height of the kid is little. But for those mischiefs loving fell as lowering the mattress is a must.

Further, the mini crib has an attached bassinet as well. All this makes it a great pick for parents with a newborn as well as a toddler.

Perfect for the Go

A functional crib that doesn’t fit in your room leaves you utterly disappointed. Therefore, Babyletto has come up with this minimal-sized mini crib. Storage and travelling with this seem a breath of fresh air. The presence of wheels eases the whole process.

Effortless Set-up

As this is a mini crib, assembling it up is a piece of cake. With its guide in hand, in just 15 minutes, you can set it all up. Well, let’s round it up to 20 minutes if you’re a slow reader. Plus, you don’t require any difficult tools or steps to accomplish the job.

Why this Crib?

If you want to buy a crib, that offers multiple features in little space, then this best luxury crib is for you.

Pros & Cons
  • Ideal Size
  • Superb Construction
  • Comfortable Sleep
  • A mattress is below average

2.  Dream on Me 2 in 1 Portable Folding Stationary Crib

For over the years, Dream on Me has been part of almost every household with a baby. Its crib with a safe body and perfect size makes your baby’s early days memorable and comfortable.

Flawless Construction

A crib is not just a temporary piece of furniture. Therefore, it needs to be safe for the job. Crafted using New Zealand’s solid pine wood, a touch is enough to feel its strength. Moreover, this wood makes the crib light and smooth. On the other hand, the patented rail system and safety certifications add a feather in its cap.

Signature Design

This top-rated portable crib has perfectly pulled up the signature 2-in-1 design. Depending on your kid’s need, it can be converted into a playpen. That will give him a space to mess up with all his toys and have fun while being safe. The presence of a stationary rail design allows you to adjust the height of the mattress.

Perfect for the Go

Equipped with a heavy-duty commercial-sized wheel, the unit can easily be moved around from one place to another. Present on either of its legs, the wheels are lockable and hence, protect the crib from running away with your baby. As a result, the baby is safe to leave in a crib.

Effortless Set-up

As a result, you can benefit from two models at once and won’t be needing any more space. Coming in with a handful of color tones, it can easily blend in with your interior. It includes all the tools necessary to set this unit up.

Why this Crib?

If your priority is buying the best for budget crib, then this one is a perfect choice.

Pros & Cons
  • Easy to Convert
  • Mattress Included
  • Solid Look
  • Unclear Instructions

3.  DaVinci Dylan Folding Portable 3-in-1 Crib

You don’t want just any crib. You require an outstanding piece of furniture that can keep your adorable one safe and sound. DaVinci is all about strength and trust which is creatively expressed in its convenient portable cribs.

Flawless Construction

Officially certified from lead and phthalate-free finishes, the crib is free and safe for use. The use of toxic materials might not be visible to the naked eye but is dangerous for the kiddo. For you, the inspection is done by Green guard Gold. Its certifications are hard to attain and therefore, carry a lot of weight.

Signature Design

With over 4 adjustable mattress settings, DaVinci is way ahead of the league. Using these settings, the mini crib can be converted into a rolling bassinet and a stationary crib. Furthermore, for twins or two kids, you can always turn it into a twin bed.

Perfect for the Go

Use it as a bassinet or a playpen, the difference is not much. After all, what less could you expect from Dylan. This mini crib is multipurpose in action, occupies a very average space, and has included wheels in it. All this makes it a great pick for small spaces.

Effortless Set-up

The mini crib comes with a detailed instruction manual that is enough to get you through the whole process. Its package includes a thin pad that’s a bit stiff. So it’s better to use it for the floor while playing with the baby.

Why this Crib?

If you are a parent and want to have a crib that offers co-sleeping, then this is the best co-sleeping crib for you.

Pros & Cons
  • Affordable Price
  • Stylish Look
  • Easy to Transport
  • Labels Stuck on the inside

4.  Graco Travel Lite Crib

Forgoing to grandma’s house daily, you need something minimal, modern, and multi-functional. That is exactly what this crib offers- a convenient carriage.

Flawless Construction

Manufactured from high-quality, breathable fabric, this bassinet crib is super safe for new-born. It supports three growing stages and can even be used for your little toddler.

The Lite Crib comes with a height adjustability feature that allows you to use it for both- infants and naughty babies. Its creative construction has even adjusted in a play yard in this unit.

Signature Design

The portable cribs for infants can be used as a crib as well as a bassinet. Coming around with multiple features, Graco offers more than the average.

It comes with a detachable canopy that is a must-have for outdoor events. In terms of looks, it comes in shades named Alma, Lauren, Winslet, and Manor which are bound to perfectly match your interior.

Perfect for the Go

Hidden in it its ability to fold up in a compact shape and small size. The seemingly weightless crib comes around with a dual pair of caster wheels. Though the crib is small in size, the wheels add to its mobility and portability. Supported by a button system, the crib is automatically folded in a compact size.

Effortless Set-up

The major part of this crib is pre-assembled. Using the comprehensive instructions manual, you can easily set it up in less than 15 minutes. It comes with a neat little bag that adds to its convenient storage.

Why this crib?

If you are looking for something that is light and has a lot of space, this easy-carrying travel crib should be your choice.

Pros & Cons
  • Simple design
  • Easy to Carry Around
  • Soft Toys Included
  • Baby Weight Limitations

5.  Delta Children Portable Mini Crib

Delta is the king of crib-making. No one can tell me otherwise. With their wide range of original and superior quality cribs, they have won the hearts of parents all over the world.

Flawless Construction

Parents do compromise on a lot of stuff, but when it comes to their kid’s safety, they can eat you up. In short, they want the best and Delta delivers that. Crafted from top-quality pinewood, the construction is careful and aesthetic at the same time. Of course, having a good-looking crib was also part of the condition.

Signature Design

Delta makes sure that along with the kids, the parents stay relieved as well. I mean, who wants arched backs and curved spine from lowering in deep every time to pick the baby up.

Therefore, you’ll find a positioning mattress in almost all of its cribs. With solid wood used in the creation, you can rest assured that this is safe for use.

Perfect for the Go

Storage is often a hassle, especially with wide cribs. But forget all your old problems as the portable folding baby cribs condense into an even flat form.

That allows it to fit in any space be it against the cupboard wall or under the bed. It is also super easy to carry it in a car. Grandma, here we come!

Effortless Set-up

It is available in the cool tones of White, Cherry, and Natural wood that will compliment your room’s color scheme. Assembly is super easy as it comes with all the required parts. Just follow the manual and you’re good to go.

Why this Crib?

This is the best value crib that is affordable, has great strength, and can be used long term.

Pros & Cons
  • Aesthetic Looks
  • Smooth Wood
  • Effortless Assembly
  • Varnish Smells

6.  Baby Trend Retreat Nursery Center

Available in a gorgeous Robin color, this bassinet-styled crib is the best pack and play for grandparents. Modern construction with a sophisticated design completes and decently priced tag makes it an affordable choice .

Flawless Construction

This crib is a combination of crib and bassinet. Using it as a crib, you can always remove out its Rock-A-Bye bassinet. Extraordinary and creative work with its construction is visible from its unique look.

What makes it different from others is the installation of an electronic music source and a night light. Not only that, you can even adjust the volume settings and vibrations of the sound. Comfort and entertainment all in one package.

Signature Design

Why would a beautiful construction matter if the baby feels stuffed and un-easy? To make sure that its compact structure doesn’t get too suffocating, a plush fabric lining and mesh sheets are used in the crib. As a bassinet, it comes with a flat surface and a large changing space.

Perfect for the Go

Other than its adjustable height and easy carry body, it includes a pair of toys and a parent organizer. With the toys, the baby will have a nice time whereas the organized stuff will keep mama at peace. Furthermore, the presence of brake-secured wheels adds a cherry on top.

Effortless Set-up

With a beautiful design, there is not much to assemble in this unit. The canopy and bassinet are present, so you have to attach/detach them yourself. Coming with a tote bag, you can quickly pack it in and load up your car for a convenient adventure.

Why this Crib?

Being perfect for traveling and home use, with multiple features, this crib is no doubt the best overall.

Pros & Cons
  • Cute and Simple Design
  • Soft Bassinet
  • Durable Construction
  • No mattress included

7.  Dream on Me 3 in 1 Portable Folding Stationary Side Crib

Dream on Me is so good at what it does, it deserves a spot on this list.  With a simple design, it has some killer specs up its sleeves. That makes it a global favorite.

Flawless Construction

Talking about this company, its craftsmanship has always been brilliant. Consider this product as an example. The use of solid birchwood in its framework increases its strength and ability to withstand the weight. In just a few bucks, you’ve got your hands on of the other sturdiest units available.

Signature Design

Sporting a foldable design, the crib will be a great addition in houses with limited space. In that way, you’ll get a comfortable piece of furniture with no unwanted compromises to make. Instead of a portable crib with a changing table, go for a 3-in-1 crib.

It can be used as a regular crib for a decent amount of time. Whenever needed, it can quickly transition into a changing station and even a playpen.

Perfect for the Go

For safety concerns, the side railing remains stationary. Just flat its design out, tuck in your car, and off the baby goes to granny’s place. For a convenient move-in, the travel system is supported by a pair of hooded and lockable caster wheels.

Effortless Set-up

You can be a beginner and still assemble this unit like a pro. The packaged crib comes along with a mattress like a thin pad and the other stuff required for assembly. Its instructions are simple and easy. So, you’ll be done setting it up in no time.

Why this Crib?

This best premium crib is great for parents who look for quality and quantity, in a budgeted unit.

Pros & Cons
  • Superior Finishing
  • Lockable Wheels
  • Easy to Maintain
  • A bit small in size

8.  BABY JOY Baby Foldable Travel Crib

Whether it is going on a family or to grandma’s house right next block, you need something light. Of course, grandma is going to play and spoil your kid all she wants. So why not give the right tools to do so. This crib with a unisex design is the right choice.

Flawless Construction

Crafted from authentic and solid metals, the crib is meant to last longer than others normally do. It uses iron for the manufacturing of handrails and aluminum for its foot. That makes it super sturdy and safe for aggressive playing by you naughty one.

Signature Design

As this is more like a playing space, the crib is designed using a full-height mesh cloth. The presence of a zipped-up mesh acts as a door. This makes the play space airy and easy to look at.

For baby’s comfort, a removable and washable mattress also comes with the crib. Furthermore, the presence of ASTM certification adds to its safety and user assurance.

Perfect for the Go

With a setting that is easily foldable, this crib is the best choice for traveling. Put it in your car’s trunk, take with you on a plane, or even hand-carry it. The size is super ideal do it all.

Effortless Set-up

It is big but can be compacted as small as a box. As a result, the unit comes pre-assembled in the package. You just have to take it out and unfold it to its full size. A soft and spongy mattress also comes along the crib, which enhances its value.

Why this Crib?

This unit has all the features and quality accessories that make it the best travel crib.

Pros & Cons
  • Ultra-light in weight
  • Quality Build
  • Comes Pre-Assembled
  • Enclosed Space

My Pick

If I were to select any one crib out of the above-mentioned eight, I would go for Graco Travel Lite Crib. From light and feathery weight to sophisticated looks and airy construction, it has everything.

The crib full bassinet combination makes it a win-win item for newborn parents. I especially like how creatively and well-thought the use of lining and fabrics is done. Furthermore, the size is just right and compact. The presence of an automatic locking mode and easy assembly has given it an edge.

But the factor that won me over is the presence of two soft toys with this unit. A perfect buy for newborns! The toys are quality made and overall reflect the standard of the crib. Overall, it’s a great catch for people who love to travel.

Buying Guide (Things to Consider while Portable Crib)

Whether you are a new parent or are looking for another furniture item for your kid, it doesn’t matter. Certain factors should always be considered before buying a crib. Give it a read before you finalize an item.

Types of Cribs

Have look at the most popular and commonly available types of cribs in the market. After that, I’ll discuss other equally important features.

●      Standard Cribs

The traditional-looking crib is the standard crib. These full-sized cribs are covered all around with rails. Usually, they have a fixed and standard size. As a result, its accessories like bedsheets and mattresses are very easy to find.

Coming in the casual rectangle, oval and circle shape, this type of crib has enough space for the mama to sleep in with the baby. Along with being airy and wide-spaced, these demand a lot of space and power to transport from place to place.

●      Convertible Crib

As the name suggests, these cribs can be converted into various other styles. A crib is smaller in size and can be converted into a toddler bed day bed, bassinet playpen, or even twin crib.

It depends on which feature the crib is supporting. They are often said to be the cribs that grow along with your kid because you can always change their use. With different prices, their accessories are hard to find.

A bassinet, a mini crib, and a travel crib are all a part of the convertible crib. Depending on your need, you may want to buy them for your baby. Some multifunctional cribs are also a part of it.

●      Mini and Portable Crib

These cribs are the smaller and compact version of the full-sized cribs, though they don’t have any standard dimensions, they are widely popular. For parents, with a small living area, these cribs are a life savior. Such cribs offer smooth transport and convenient storage because of their unique design and construction.

●      Multipurpose Crib

These, as the name indicates, offer multiple purposes in one crib. For example, the crib may come with a changing table or a drawer. Some cribs offer extra space that can be used as a cabinet for keeping its stuff organized.

This makes it a great pick for parents that are short on space. That being said, they do turn out to be a bit pricey and can be dangerous for the kids. So, if you buy this crib, you’ll have to look out for them. Other than that, just check if you have the space to accommodate this unit.

Other Important Features

Apart from the style of a crib, these other factors are also worth checking out.

●      Should Offer Portability

The majority of the recently created mini cribs come with a set of wheels to provide easy movement to the crib. Make sure the crib you are buying supports a wheel action and that too the lockable ones. This not only makes the crib portable but also keeps it steady and in place when not in use.

●      Is it in the right size?

Often, parents opt for a crib because their house space can’t afford a big bed. Therefore, always check for the dimensions of the item and compare them with your available space.

Labeled as mini cribs, there are some small-sized cribs available in the market. Size is not the only thing. Design matters as well. Some cribs tend to have a suffocating and complex design whereas the others seems more open and airier.

Further, it is important to have a look at the high-quality fabrics it uses in its interior. Make sure that the stuff is breathable, airy, and light in color. Has a nice, soft, Mattress

The mattress is another important part of the crib. After all, the kid is going to sleep on it. As kids are sensitive and delicate, the mattress should also be soft and foamy. Some cribs come along with one. Check its specifications and cross-match with the user’s views to decide if it is good for a kid’s back.

 Mostly, mattresses are separately available in multiple dimensions. So, you may choose to buy one separately. For the mattress that comes with the crib, you can save it up for other purposes. For example, you may lay that pad on the floor while playing with your kid. A padded floor might be less rough than a bare floor.

●      Solid Framework

The build and the framework of a crib is everything. It is what makes or breaks a crib. After all, looks always come second. Check the materials and their qualities that are used in the making of the unit. Look up the wood and see if the material used meets the standards.

For product safety, you can always turn to the CPSC standard. Third-Party organizations like JPMA and Green Guard Gold check to see if the unit is safe. These certifications are hard to attain and therefore, speak volumes about a crib’s reality. Be sure to check them out.

●      Falls in your Budget

Why invest more, when you can always find a great pick in a budgeted range? Nowadays, some quality units are coming up with decent prices. Therefore, the first step is to determine your budget range. Only then you can shortlist the cribs. After that, decide for what you are using the crib for.

There is a range of cribs from full-sized cribs, to travel and portable cribs. And these all fall in different price ranges. For example, the oval-sized standard crib is pricey than the rectangle one. On the other hand, a convertible mini crib might be cheap compared to the multipurpose mini crib.

●      Super Easy to Store

Cribs come in various sizes and designs. Though you may have space for them, moving them around can be a hassle. Parents try every possible way to cut out on extra work. Therefore, see for the storage option of the crib.

 Like, the foldable and convertible cribs can quickly be pressed down into a small size. And hence, are easily stored at home and in cars. All these features are written on the crib’s package. So, do check it out and make a clever decision.

Look for the weight of the crib as well. In certain cases, the crib is easy to store and all that but it turns out to be too heavy. It’s time to ditch those old heavy cribs, for the modern and light ones.

Now, it’s up to you to find out which is strongest and the trendiest amongst all others. The one that will help you and your baby out.


That was a tough read, wasn’t it? After all, it dealt with your little one. How can you not be concerned? Cribs are hard to judge from looks and specifications. Therefore, I’ve written this article on the best portable crib for grandma’s house.

Going daily to another house can seem tiring at times, but with the right tool in hand, it’ll become a breath of fresh air. Therefore, I suggest you carefully go through this list and find what suits you the best.

You may even contact your friends and fellows, to see how they are dealing or dealt with being a new parent. Such tips and tricks always do wonders. So be sure to take advantage of that.

If there’s anything that I’ve forgotten to mention or you would like to discuss. You may even mail me at the given address.

Till then, Happy Crib Selection!


What grandparents should not do?

Grandparents often take up the role of kid’s fairy godmother, but they should never spoil their grandkids. Make sure they follow the rules and sleep on time.

What Should grandparents have at their house?

Grandparents’ house should always have a few pairs of kids, milk formula, and some diapers.

What should a baby sleep in at grandparents?

There are many options, but a baby’s travel crib seems to be the safest option out there.

Are portable cribs safe?

Though they seem safe, they can leave your kid feeling suffocated and anxious. So, make sure there are no pillows or unnecessary items in the crib.

What does a new grandma need at her house?

A Grandma should have almost all the necessary baby items at their house. This includes the baby’s crib, food, and other stuff.

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