Simple & Easy Crib Hacks For Short Moms

Speaking as a member of the 4’11 community, with great sorrow I have to state the following; crib-makers disregarded short people when they came up with the design. And I am not even exaggerating the situation here.

Are you a short mom too? If you are, you can relate to my pain here. Reaching in so low you’re practically hanging off the floor isn’t the most ideal position when you have your delicate baby in your hands.

But we can’t force the crib-makers to make low cribs – as much as I’d like that, we all only have to find ways around it.

If you’re a short person looking for crib hacks for short moms, you’ve landed just at the place! This article covers all the concerns of moms like you and aims to provide the best solutions.

Read till the end to find things you do wrong when you have a taller crib.

crib hacks for short moms

Detailed Explain Crib Hacks For Short Moms

What to do now?

Starting, let’s talk about the biggest issue of all. Our short heights!

Yes, you can continue with the same process you do now, bending over literally hanging like a swing from the crib to put your baby inside since you can’t reach the bottom of the crib. And it might even work for a while but only till your baby is young and lightweight. He’s bound to grow up and get a little heavier. When that happens, say goodbye to an ache-free back.

Another solution is to find ways to either get taller or make your crib shorter. These crib hacks seem kind of weird but read on to see how the whole thing works. I assure you, it will be worth your time and save you from the dreaded crouching trips down the crib.

The material is the key!

The first step is to get good material that can be altered. This is the most basic step and can only be worked on if you haven’t got a crib already or are planning to buy a new one. When looking for a crib, try going for sturdy wood ones. These are easy to manipulate and can be altered at home too.

If you are going for any material other than wood, it will be harder to saw off or move it around later. Since you are a petite mom, I’m guessing moving around such a heavy crib wouldn’t be easy for you. So, to save strength and future-back problems, try going for wooden cribs. But be sure to select firm and durable cribs and not just any lightweight cheap crib.

Your baby’s health and your safety always come first.

You can’t grow any taller but the mattress can!

I know having a short height has many perks, but when it comes to your baby, there isn’t any perk. Now, drinking milk at this age isn’t going to get you any taller so you just need to stick with making the mattress taller to accommodate your height.

Now, there are several ways to do this. You can either get an adjustable mattress crib or adjust one yourself. Let’s check out how each of them works.

1.  Adjustable cribs

Modern-day crib makers decided to be a little considerate of us short ladies. These cribs allow you to adjust the height of your baby to the positions already set in your crib. These height settings allow the mattress to be a little higher than the rail, lessening the distance you need to bend over.

In case you’re wondering how to temper the height of the mattress, there will a manual included with your crib that will guide you about all there is to know regarding the adjustable mattress height. However, it is important to note that once your baby grows up and learns to stand, you will have to lower the mattress position.

  • View how to adjust mattress height

2.  Ways to adjust a non-adjustable crib

For all the people that already have a mattress that doesn’t include any such adjustable mattress positions, you can create such positions yourself! Here’s how to do it;

  • Put a pillow under the mattress to elevate it. The pillow has to be soft but not lumpy. It also should not create any dents or sag in the middle. This will create discomfort for your baby. Also, check if the sides of the crib are secured by the bedding so that the pillow does not moves your baby turns over. Make sure the mattress is levelled, comfortable for the baby to sleep on.
  • You can increase the height of the mattress by placing a blanket or comforter underneath as well. This provides a much more stable and levelled base for the mattress. Simply fold the blanket and place it underneath the mattress. The even surface would help your baby sleep soundly and elevate the mattress by a few inches for your comfort.
  • The last item is the most predictable one – books. You can use big sturdy books (like phonebooks) to support the mattress from underneath. Be sure to add a layer of a thin blanket or such in between to prevent the baby’s back from any discomfort.

You know what? You can get taller!

If adjusting the mattress position seems too much of a hassle, just adjust your height. Yes, this is possible. Now, I’m not asking you to add a few pounds or a few inches, I’m suggesting that you place something underneath.

This is the most common solution for mamas that cannot find a crib for short moms. Using alternatives like stools adds to your height and enables you to reach in easily. They add a few inches to your height.

A step stool is a transportable device made from plastic or wood. This gives you the height to interact with your baby easily when your crib height is too high.

A step stool is a great idea, however, I won’t recommend it to everyone. I do not prefer it. If you have a great balance or a height that is slightly over 5 inches, this is just the tool for you. But for moms like me, a step stool isn’t the most ideal device.

These stools are not made for leaning and if you still lean at an odd angle, you can fall. When you lean over, you are placing your weight against the crib and the edge of the stool. Here, there is a huge possibility that the stool might slip from underneath and you and both your baby will end up with injuries.

There are alternatives to this as well. Like an aerobic fitness step that is designed to be pushed down at odd angles. The adjustable height lets you choose whichever position you want.

A little help won’t kill you

While you might not be the only petite parent, this case is rarely evident. Your partner might be taller than you and since the baby belongs to both of you, you can ask him for help. For times when your partner isn’t at home, you can go for the alternative I mentioned above, but when they are home, you can ask them. It will eliminate the possibility of any such accidents and keep you and your baby completely safe with him being in reliable hands.

Your crib can get shorter too!

Now that we have discussed how to get taller, how to make your crib grow taller, and everything associated with increasing your height, it is time to make things shorter. You can get your crib to get shorter too!

There are different ways to do this. While the above-mentioned hacks work just fine, these tactics are a permanent solution to all your height problems. Let’s take a look at those below.

1. Go for removable legs

Another feature that crib-makers decided to install for the short community is the removable legs. Many cribs come with plastic or metal legs that are removable. Simply remove those legs and lower the crib to match your height.

2. Remove the legs yourself!

Remove the legs yourself

This tactic is a little extreme as it involves physical labor. Also, it will make all your warranties go void. Unless you want this, I advise you not to go for something so extreme.

What you are going to do here is to neatly saw off the legs of the crib to make it reach your level. This will make it easier for you to reach in.

Step no. 1 is to determine if the feet of your crib are an integral part of the crib and whether they can be removed easily or not. If the feet are not removable and you still try to remove them, you will end up with a broken and useless crib.

Step no. 2 is to use an electric saw and cut off the legs of the crib. Be sure to mark out the legs first so that each leg is leveled. If you do not cut them equally, you will end up with a rocking swing instead of a crib.

Now that you have cut off the legs, it is time to put your baby in and test if the height works for you. If it is still high, cut a bit more!

If you want more solutions then check out the list of collected products on amazon, collected especially for short moms. Maybe you find the solution to your problem.

Do not do this if you have a higher crib!

Throughout the article, I mentioned all the things you should steer clear of. Here I have compiled all of them and a few more to ensure that you do not make any mistakes. Your baby is sensitive and needs absolute care and comfort.

  1. Do not bend over on stools at odd angles.
  2. Avoid hanging off the edge as it puts both you and your baby in a dangerous position.
  3. Continue using the crib as it is even when it is too high for you.
  4. Use lumpy pillows underneath when you want to elevate the height as it damages the back of your baby.
  5. Unevenly saw off the edges when decreasing the height of the crib.
  6. Not being careful when cutting off the legs and harming yourself in the process.
  7. Not caring for the mattress levels when buying a new crib.


My article today was meant for all my shorties out there. The crib-makers don’t care much about you but I do! My article today was aimed at all the short and petite moms that have trouble taking care of their babies.

I hope these crib hacks for short moms were useful for you. If you have anything you would like to add in, feel free to comment down below. As always, I love hearing from all my petite ladies.

Till next time, happy parenting!


Q. How do you put a baby in a short crib?

First, lower the baby and let his heels touch the mattress. Next, let his head touch the mattress. Then lower all of him on the mattress. Check if the baby is comfortable then remove your hands.

Q. Do I need a short-height crib?

Yes, getting a short-heightened crib will not only protect you from back pains but protect your baby from unwanted accidents as well.

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