Important Safety Tips on How to Hang a Mobile over a Crib?

When you get news about the new addition in your family, you become so much excited regarding it that you start the preparation of welcoming the new person in the house with your full heart.

You start your preparation from day one but still, you are not able to complete it on time due to a very long list of requirements. When a small baby enters in your family, you want everything best for him or her. You get new clothes, toys, and beds so that the delicate creature doesn’t have to suffer from anything.

A mobile above your baby’s crib is one of the important things that are needed to keep in the mind. You have to think wisely about which mobile would be best for the baby and is safe for the baby.

You don’t have to worry much about it as we are here for your help regarding how to hang a mobile over a crib and tell you further information regarding other things so that you could be able to decide wisely.

how to hang a mobile over a crib

Importance of mobile

Fascinating or distracting an infant is not an easy job, as it is very much difficult to attract the attention of the baby in one place while changing the diaper or clothes.

Mobile can be very useful at that time as it can be much attractive for the baby to focus on it while forgetting many things going on in his or her surroundings.

  The following are the benefits that highlight how the mobile can be helpful:

  • Way of entertainment

The baby’s interest can be held on when there are beautiful lights on the mobile making it more fascinating for the child.

  • Helps in boosting the motor skills

When the baby takes some movement, it increases the motor skills of the child. For improving the motor skills, the mobile can be very beneficial as the infant, while growing up, finds the mobile attractive and tries to touch it which enables the child to take small movements.

  • Focus

The small infants, do not have well-developed eyesight at first, they can see the objects that are one foot away from them. If the mobile is been hang with the distance of one foot, it becomes the main focus of the child and can be the reason for the center of attraction.

  • Soothing the sleep

Making a baby sleep is very much difficult for parents. They had to put a lot of effort into it when it is their first baby. The musical mobile can be a helping hand for the parent in this as through its soft music. The infant can fast asleep easily. There should be a proper mobile hanger for the crib so that the mobile is in its position and the music is audible to the child.

Steps for how to hang a mobile over a crib

Everything doing for the first baby is very much memorable as you get into things that are completely new for you. This new thing also includes how to attach the mobile to a crib.

Well, you don’t have to think much as we are here to help you out in the things that are completely new to you.

The following are the simple steps that you can take for hanging things over a crib.

You have to be keen to make sure that you have all the parts of the mobile that are been provided in the box. These parts include arms, a base, a dial, and the mobile itself. Once you should check that everything is proper and nothing in the damaged form.

Near the top of the base, there is a protruding section which helps in creating the balance of the weight and it helps in making the mobile steady at the edge of the crib.

For attaching, there should be a thread portion on the base of the mobile. If the threaded part comes separately from the base, you have to attach that portion by the help of the screw and the screwdriver.

The base of the mobile should be placed inside of the crib and the protruding part should be at the position where it could rest on the edge part of the crib wall. The thread portion should be coming outside from the space between the two crib bars.

For attaching the base of the mobile, screw the nut onto the thread post against the wall of the crib.

Depending on the type of the mobile which could contain parts that can simply snap together or it could require you to screw and screwdriver for attaching the mobile to the arm and arm to the base.

Lower the mattress, if the distance between the top of the mattress and the bottom of the base is less than 7inches.

You should hang the mobile over the crib as it could help your baby to develop the eyesight and can help in engaging him or her.

Tips for the safety of the infant

Every parent wants their children to be safe, for this, they take precautionary measures so that their children can be protected from any of the harm. Therefore, when it comes to the safety of the child, parents mostly ask questions to themselves that is it safe to hang a mobile over a crib?

Well, yes it can be saved for your infant if you keep the following tips of the safety inside your mind

  • The installation and maintenance of the mobile

Always be keen to follow the instructions that are been provided by the manufacturer of the mobile. Always keep a check and balance of the mobile and always chose a mobile whose reviews are good from the other users about the safety.

  • Placement

While placing the mobile, you have to choose an ideal position from which the child can look at the object that is near 8 to 12 inches and the child doesn’t be able to reach it.

If you didn’t choose the best position where the child is not able to see, then it would be hard for you to entertain the child and if you choose the place where the child can reach it, then there are more chances that the mobile will fall.

  • Choking hazards

The potential choking hazards are mostly generated when the mobile’s parts are very much small. Always be careful at looking at the mobile before installing, look at the flimsy hardware, and the loose parts that be broke and can fall into the crib.

  • Age appropriateness

The mobiles are been designed for infants under the age of 5 months. It is designed to keep them attracted to the thing so that they don’t get bored.

By the age of 5 months, the baby starts to hold and reach the things, which is the time when the mobile should be removed so that any hazardous thing does not happen.

If you don’t have the heart of keeping that mobile into the closet, you can hang at the place where your kid can play or in the area where the child can be distracted when his or her diaper is been changes.

  • Length of the mobile string

It is been observed that the seven inches of the threat portion in the mobile can be the potential strangle for your infant.

The homemade and the antique mobiles may not have these qualities, therefore, it is been advised that the length should be measured while making it.

However, the string of the store-bought mobile can have the ideal length.

  • Chose the best height

When it comes to baby mobile, it has many colorful ribbons, laces, or other items to make it look attractive. These things are quite eye-catching especially for the small angel but this can also be the cause of getting tangled in the small hands or feet of the child.

It is very much necessary to always hang the baby mobile high, but now the question arises is that how high to hang a mobile over the crib?

It is been advised to hang the mobile over the crib with a distance of 12 inches from the kid so that they could easily look at the object and it doesn’t get tangle with the hands of the kid.


The mobile can be the best friend of the infant at the age below 5 months as they are the ones who can be eye-catching for the kid and they don’t need other things other than that.

It is important to choose the best mobile for your child which doesn’t have any fault and which can easily be a source of the center of attraction for the kid.

I hope you have got all the information that is necessary for how to hang the mobile over the crib. Do share your views with us if you find this article helpful.

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