Best Safe Ways, How to Keep Baby Warm in Crib?

Are you also worried about the comfort of your infant? If yes then you have to follow certain steps to keep your baby warm and comfortable.

While sleep is most curious for your infant ease and safe but for that, you also have to consider certain factors such as room temperature, sleeping surface, sleeping position, and these all related to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

This is important for us to know about the best sleeping practices, along with keeping your infant warm. Many questions arise when we talk about how to keep baby warm in crib. Like what would be the safest sleep position? Can she or he have a blanket and pillow in the crib?

how to keep baby warm in crib

Well, don’t worry they are not complicated. You just have to follow few steps to keep them comfortable, safe, and warm.

Best ways how to keep baby warm in crib

Setup the nursery to your baby warm

It may help to keep your room temperature alter according to the weather and also gives the proper location for baby crib.

●      Change the room temperature

Your baby nursery should be a safe place to keep them warm and sleep comfortably. You also can set the nursery temperature of 20 to 22-degree Celsius to keep them healthy and safe.

●      The location should be innovative for baby’s crib

The position of the baby’s crib in the nursery affects how much heat your baby experiences. You must keep in the mind the various factors that affect the temperature of the place when you are placing furniture in his nursery.

Keep your baby warm and safe in the crib

Below are some useful points which will surely help many moms. 

●      Dress your infant in pajamas

Dress your infant in pajamas

Your baby’s pyjamas should warm and give comfortable sleep. Make sure that you are not dressing your infant to warm, especially when the room temperature is elevated.

●      Swaddle your baby  

Swaddle your baby

Swaddling helps to maintain body temperature and allows you to sleep comfortably. You can easily purchase the swaddling blanket with easy to use and closure or use a square lightweight blanket to make your swaddle.

●      Set your baby in the supine position

The sleeping factor is one of the risks that cause an increase in the risk of (SIDS). Placing your baby on his back is considered the best and safest sleeping position.

●      Keep the baby’s crib clean  

The clean crib is safe. You should not use blankets and other loose material in the crib that may cause suffocation. You must keep baby warm with a lightweight blanket that is pushed into the foot of their mattress.     

How to keep baby warm at night

When putting a baby down to sleep, it is necessary to wrap them up, so they are snuggled deeply inside layers of blanket for night sleep. However, babies under 9 months are not able to control their body temperature at all; that’s why it is very important to consider they do not get too hot.

There are three main factors we have to consider when we keep baby warm at night.

●      Room temperature 

A baby’s room should be between 16-20°, with 18° being the ideal temperature. This would feel comfortable to a lightly clothed adult, though a thermometer is the best way to be sure.

●      Clothing

A good option for dressing your baby is a cotton all-in-one with feet attached to keep toes warm. Some sleeping suits also have fold-over mittens that come in handy during colder nights.

 If your baby’s room is at the colder end of the scale, you could put a vest underneath. Look out for clothes that limit the amount of skin you have to expose during a nappy change and are easy to change if there’s a nappy disaster.

●      Bedding

Use a fitted cotton sheet and layers of cotton blankets to keep your baby warm in bed. You can add or remove layers of blankets depending on if your baby is too hot or too cold. Alternatively, you may choose to buy a baby sleeping bag.

These have the benefit of keeping a baby covered up, no matter how wriggly or squirmy they might be in bed. They allow the baby’s arms to stick out, unrestricted, so are a good option for babies who don’t like being swaddled.

Bags with a 2.5 tog rating should be plenty, but you can get thicker ones for very cold rooms. Some mothers prefer a sleep-sack because it removes the decision of how many blankets might be needed.

How to keep baby warm in the crib during winter

This is one of the challenges for mothers that how to keep their baby warm in winter weather, while it is freezing outside and in that situation keeping body temperature regulated is one of the challenges.

Often it is curious to know how your baby can maintain consistent body temperature during the winter season.

Below are the few tips that help to maintain the body temperature of your baby in winter weather.

●      Dress your baby right

In the winter, the best way to keep your little warm during sleep is by dressing them in easy to put on and remove’ layers. Instead of overloading your child with hefty or woollen clothes, wear him a few thin layers of warm garments that you can easily remove during diaper changes.

●      Cover your baby heads and hands

Cover your baby heads and hands

As babies lose a lot of heat through their heads and hands, it becomes really important to get hold of a soft baby cap and lightweight mittens to provide your little one with an extra layer of warmth.

 In case your child is a thumb sucker by nature, you must have an extra pair of mittens ready. Also, you can keep your baby’s feet toasty using a pair of socks.

●      Keep the baby wind off of baby

The position of your baby’s crib in the room also affects how comfortable he would feel during sleep. Keep the crib or bassinet several feet away from air vents, drafty windows, fans, and outside walls. Also, close the windows and doors to prevent cold wind from entering the room.

●      Use a firm mattress

To keep your baby’s crib warm from the underside, use a firm baby crib mattress covered with a well-fitting waterproof mattress protector sheet.

The mattress is made of too soft material not only put your little one at the risk of a smothering hazard but also increase his chances of getting sick due to the cold air entered into the mattress. So it’s better to avoid them.

How to keep baby warm in the crib without the blanket

For an adult, it is easy to add a blanket to keep warm in a blanket. However, this is not advisable for an infant, how could become tangled in the blanket with a related suffocation risk.

●      Instead of adding blankets add a layer of clothing

For example, you might want to consider whether your baby may benefit from wearing his or her baby grow or pajamas. You may prefer to put your baby in a baby grow one is with feet when it is cold, but without at warmer times of the year.   

●      Baby sleeping bag

When infants are a little older some parents want to prefer baby sleeping bags which can fasten in a way to help and avoid the baby sleeping down at night?

These come in a different unit of measurement used to calculate thermal resistance or warmth and it is important to make sure that you select a sleeping bag/sleep sack that is appropriate given the ambient temperature and the temperature of the baby.

It is best to use a reputable brand and to always check the safety information that comes with such products before using them with your child.

How to keep baby’s hands warm in the crib

The best way to keep a baby’s hands warm is to make sure his core is warm. That goes for day or night.

You are on the right track with the sleep sack. It is to be suggested that use a wool sleep sack as they are perfect for keeping little ones warm before they are big enough to enjoy a warm blanket safely.

But, they use cotton and polyester fleece sleep sacks and they can do the job cotton is better for warmer spring or summer nights though.

Fleece is quite warm if you are not into wool. However fleece, unlike wool which breaths well and still keeps baby warm when damp, can make a baby sweaty, and then the baby will get a chill because the moisture stays on the baby.

I would suggest you give wool a try as it’s not scratchy as long as you get a high-quality garment and wash it properly.

As I have mentioned, sleep sacks are sleeveless, so you must put something under it. A long sleeve cotton romper is what many moms usually use, and sometimes on the coldest nights a long sleeve under that.

A romper that is a little loose is perfect as it traps body heat. Moreover, a pair of socks that go up to the knee is a great idea to keep little feet warm.

When we lose power and it goes below 60 degrees, just add a hat to the above. One that has a Velcro chin strap is helpful to keep it on once your baby is bigger and moves around a bit at night.

Finally, remember that babies will tell you if they are uncomfortable. They’ll cry. So even if your baby’s hands do end up a little chilly, if he/she isn’t crying about it and as long as he/she feels warm, don’t worry about it.


As I have already discussed that keep a baby in the warm crib is not complex but due to some external factors, we have to follow a few tips.

Change of room temperature, change of weather, and the items of clothing sometimes also affect the health of the child.

So the rightly wearing of dress such as wearing pajamas and prefer sleep sack beg sought out these issues.

For an adult, it is easy to wear a blanket and cover but for babies bit difficult. Sometimes blanket and too many clothes can also affect their body and cause suffocation.

I hope by going through this, your all questions are been answered including how to keep baby warm in crib.

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