From Day One, Can a Newborn Sleep in a Crib?

Who doesn’t want their baby to sleep well? If you’re one of those people and are looking for things and places that help your kid sleep well, without you worrying, then you are in the right place. Specifically designed newborn baby cribs are the best solution to this problem. 

Say goodbye to your old baby cart and bring up a new baby crib that has some killer functions and specifications. Baby cribs are always the most comfortable place for your kid to sleep.

Like other people, you might be thinking can a newborn sleep in a crib? Yes, of course. Why can they not?

can a newborn sleep in a crib
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Cribs are made keeping in mind the kid’s demands. They are available in all sizes and types to make it flexible for babies of every age. Your baby can easily sleep, play, and grow in a healthy environment. 

No doubt, safety is and will always remain the priority of parents. It’s something one should never compromise on, no matter how good the deal is. Your little one is more important and the crib manufacturers fully understand this.

I know it takes a lot of time and brainstorming when you’re preparing for a baby nursery. That’s why I’ve come up with this easy to read the article. Scroll down below, and you’ll learn everything about the needs of the requirements of cribs for your infants.

Let’s get this thing done.                        

What are the Mini Toddler cribs?

Modern technology and creative inventions have come a long way from where they started. But the issue is discovering them at the right time. Many newly married couples plan about their first baby’s nursery and spend a lot of their hours deciding about it.

Your newly born will sleep most of the time. That’s usually the case for infants. Hence, look for something comfortable and open.

The best give that you can give your baby is a mini crib. These are small-sized cribs that will allow your baby to get a comfortable sleep all night, without getting concerned about him falling. Not only has this but having a mini crib in your baby’s room always given an outmost look. 

There’s always this one consistent query that can newborn baby sleep in a crib? They And I continuously tell them YES. It is more than safe for the baby to sleep in a crib. As the cribs are enclosed furniture, the baby remains protected yet you can always see it.

Parents want their babies to get a sound sleep with safety and security. High-quality cribs are the best invention of modern technology to provide babies and their parents to sleep conveniently.

Furthermore, there are so many types of baby cribs with extra functionalities and specifications. Some of the prominent types have described below:

  • Mini Cribs with extra storage
  • Convertible Toddler Cribs
  • Foldable Features Mini Cribs
  • Round Cribs for Infants
  • Cribs with Storage Drawers

Mini Cribs with Extra Storage

Some cribs provide you extra storage for extra space. There is a lot of stuff for the baby’s care. This includes their diapers and wipes, milk formulas, and so on. A crib needs to give that extra storage so you can keep all that stuff by your side, in one place.

Mini cribs having a drawer part with it gives you large storage for your ease and facility. In this essence, parents will not face any problem by arranging an extra cupboard for the baby’s necessary stuff.

Beneath the table, two uncluttered storage shelves are having a satisfactory space for the baby’s essential fixtures. A table is also a very good addition to the crib. With more than one work function, it is ideal for a crib to have on the table.

Convertible Toddler Crib

To make it a multi-functional crib, the convertible cribs are the best products among all. You can easily change the crib into a toddler bed by making small changes to the original one.

By adjusting its set-up, your baby can sit in a crib as well. To make it feasible to sit and stand in the crib, you also get precautionary measures and a manual as well.

After minor changes, the convertible crib can easily change into a twin-size toddler bed. In this way, your baby will get a long-time sleeping companion. From nursery to toddler age, the crib’s durability and reliability can play an important role.

Foldable Features Mini Crib

Specially designed Cribs are the flawless special of parents for their kids and infants.  Along with being able to convert the crib, certain cribs also come with a foldable option. While going on travelling, you can fold the mini crib into a small size to fit it in the vehicle. This adds to your convenience.

A very high-class of well-made and smooth wood has combined to complete the finishing of the crib. Your baby will always be thankful to you for this.

Round Cribs for Infants

Now it’s time to release the tension of those parents who are short on space. You have round cribs with you that can easily get adjusted in small areas without taking any unnecessary space. Special round cribs are created to provide easy adjustment of the crib.

If you have a small space in your room and want your baby with you in the bedroom, then bring the round cribs for this purpose. With the ease of non-corners of the cribs make it more flexible for small areas.

Round cribs for infants are the modern cribs with a space-saving feature. These are one of the best cribs that are easy to move, take up small space but do it all.

Cribs with Storage Drawers

A highly constructed crib for kids provides you with the addition of storage for baby’s essentials. Getting drawers in your cribs are a win-win situation, especially for moms.

Now you can organize your baby stuff all in those drawers, the crib’s bed sheets, baby’s clothes, accessories, and toys, all of it. This functional drawer is a breath of fresh air for parents that are short on space.

These crib with drawers are made from quality materials that are safe and non-toxic. Now all of your baby supplies will be in a small place. How good is that!

A crib should be safe, even if it doesn’t provide you with anything.  All the cribs, their features, and specifications are tested and certified by JPMA- Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association. This third party certifies the product following the standards set by CPSC and ASTM. Hence, be assured that you and your baby are in safe hands.

At what age should a baby sleep in a crib?

From newborn to toddlers

From nursery to toddlers, you can use a crib for your baby. At any age, your baby can sleep in the crib. Especially the newborn babies want to sleep all the time, so mini cribs are the best place for them to sleep the whole night and day.

According to American research, baby cribs are the best part of the baby’s needs. Mini cribs provide the babies with a cozy and comfortable sleep. By meeting all the safety standards and precautions, baby cribs are very safe and secure.

Some cribs also provide the changing table for child safety. When you adjust the changing table around the four sides of the crib, you will be worry-free from your baby’s side. In this way, mini cribs with changing tables make you relaxed and comfortable.

Can a baby sleep in a crib from day one?

crib from day one

Parents are afraid of buying a crib for newborns, especially for a day-old baby. As we know that newborns sleep all the time. That’s why the mini cribs are the best sleeping place for babies.

Though the baby cribs are very secure and protected for all ages, special safety measures always go along with the baby and the crib.

Some cribs also provide you crib bumpers for the safety of your babies. What do you think about this? Does the use of bumper keep the child safe or not? Well, not buying a traditional crib bumper is always the best choice. The use of traditional bumpers can increase the danger of suffocation as pillows and blankets do but, mesh crib bumpers are safe.

It’s better to avoid taking any risks that cost you your baby’s safety. Hence, avoiding traditional baby bumpers is a safe choice. As time passes, your infant will be able to move and crawl. These bumpers will increase the risk, aiding your baby to come out of the crib.

That’s why you should not place any extra thing in the crib to avoid the danger of any type. The cozy and soft mattress is enough for the relaxation of your infant.

Be it day or night, your baby will get a cozy and comfortable sleep. Made from reliable and safe materials, the cribs are dependable and reliable.

However, if your baby wants to sit or stand in the crib, you can adjust the mattress of the crib in a way that it changes into a sofa. By doing this, the baby can sit and stand easily, if needed.

How do you get a newborn to sleep in a crib?

If you are an office worker and spend most of your time in the office, you must bring a mini crib for your newborn baby. Having the facility of wheels can help move the crib where-ever you want. In this way, with multi-purpose cribs, you can keep an eye on your baby while working in the office or the kitchen. 

You can bring the baby and its crib in your room as well. Sharing an only room and not the bed, you can adjust the crib’s height by your bed’s height. With this flexibility, you can sleep with your kid without encountering any danger of him dropping down from the bed. 

Newborn sleeping in a crib right away is always the best step towards your baby’s protection and safety. Because, according to the research, sleeping with your baby on the bed is the major mistake. You must not bring your baby with you on the bed.

Some steps to consider before purchasing a crib

Before preparing the nursery of your baby, you must be thoughtful. It’s not such a complicated task to follow but few instructions.

Here are a few things to consider when you go to buy a crib for your baby:


 The foot-prints are the best factor to assume before adjusting the crib. The bassinet of the crib must have the wider and well-supported foot-prints to adjust properly. Having wide foot-prints will prevent the crib from collapsing.

Weight Limit

 The weight limit of the cribs must be up to 20-pounds. Some of the cribs have designed with weight below 15-pounds that is not the appropriate weight limit.

It will make your baby more comfortable moving in the crib when he/she is around 15-pound.  For this purpose, the weight limit of the crib should be more than 20-pounds.

Baby’s Age

From day one to teen-age, you can use the crib for your infant. The selection and the size of the crib depend directly on the age of the baby. You must choose a crib that has the perfect size and weight as your baby’s.         

Cribs are available in the market in all sizes and dimensions that meet all your preferences. The baby’s weight should be less than that of the crib. Hence, you must consider the weight of the crib before buying. Otherwise, the crib may crack or break.

Board Width

The width of the board is also a considerable point before adjustment. The board and corners of the crib must not be more than 2 3/8 inches. Boards having a wider width can generate an interruption and risk of the drop-down.

In the case of a new baby crib, this problem will have fewer chances to occur with your baby. You must be tricky before buying a crib among all.


 If you are going to buy a second-hand crib, you must consider all the above points before making your purchase. The paint or the lacquer of the crib must be intact without them getting peeled off. The crib’s framework should be in good condition without any cricks or cracks.

Best place for newborn to sleep

Best place for newborn to sleep

Efficient and stylish covered cribs can play a dynamic role in the brightness of your baby. Babies are always attracted to new stuff but usually, they don’t like any changes in their sleep routine.

When you’re going on a trip, it might be hard for your kid to adjust to the new place.  This will get you anxious as well and instead of enjoying the trip, you’ll be struggling with the baby. In such a case, taking the baby’s crib will be a great decision. This will remind him that he’s safe and protected, giving him a sound sleep.

Even while travelling through the plane, you can simply place the travel crib with you. Mini cribs need very easy assembling and easy to follow adjustment steps. You do not require any extra tool for the adjustment of the crib.

Folding and convertible options are specially designed to keep you comfortable when going on a trip with your baby. So, don’t worry about your baby’s sleep. Just bring the crib with you and make your infant comfortable in an instant.

The mattress incorporated in the crib also needs due consideration. It is soft and comfy, with being made from quality materials. With this, your baby will get a comfortable and peaceful environment to sleep, play, and grow as well. You will get different and more than four kinds of textured mattress material.

The fabric used in the crib has been made with a fine net that is fully breathable for your baby. In this way, the use of net fabric helps you to keep an eye on your baby while doing anything else. Your baby can also look outside the crib and interact.

A modern crib is free from any danger of harmful substances because it has been approved by the OEKO-TEX safety standards.  If you’re considering buying a travel crib, then you need to do more research as they are created for different purposes. You need to choose something according to your demand and requirement.


  • Very sturdy and durable aluminum has been used in the finishing of the crib.
  • Min-Cribs keep your baby safe and well-protected
  • To deliver you extra protection, the armor-plated stitching and locking system has been designed with it
  • Use of non-toxic and harmless materials enhances the quality and reliability of the cribs
  • You will get the easy wash and clean facility with the latest features
  • Net walls and nylon buttons are used in crib safety and protection to provide easy cleaning
  • Baby cribs offer you easy feasibility and flexibility in use
  • The crib is mobile and easy to transport
  • With the folding facility, you can easily fold and mold the crib into a smaller size
  • Mini cribs for toddlers provide you perfect size and length for comfortable sleep and relief if your baby.
  • All the parents will get more flexibility and durability with this crib for their infants. It comes with customizable colors as well.

Safety Tips for Newborn Sleeping

When you want to choose the best crib for your baby, you must think about some important factors. Little kids are more sensitive, that’s why you must think cleverly for your kid’s security and protection.

Keeping your baby’s crib clear of everything

clear crib during baby sleeping

If you want to keep your babies safe and secure, you should not place anything in the crib. Just like cushions, pillows, or bumpers. All this stuff can be harmful to your baby. It can cause suffocation and breathlessness. To avoid all the dangers and risks, you must not place anything in the baby’s crib.

Ensure that there shouldn’t be any shopping bag or hand-bag, that the baby can get access to. This can get problematic for you and your kid as well.

The only thing that must be there is a fully secure and safe baby mattress. Your baby will not face any trouble regarding mattress stuff.

Make sure your baby is in a smoke-free environment

As your baby has to spend most of his time in the crib,  you must be extra careful about it. Make sure that the crib is placed in dirt and smoke-free area. Baby’s health is always the top priority for us, that’s why the cribs have designed with safe and secure material.

Neither you should smoke nor let anybody else do the same near the baby’s crib. This will be very harmful to your infant. You have to keep all these things away from your infant. Work on creating an environment that is free of chemicals and hazardous elements.

Don’t rely on smart baby monitors

Looking after your baby is your responsibility, not others. And no one can do it better and sincerely than you. Hence, you should never rely on smart baby monitors.

Babies spend most of their time sleeping or playing when they are young. Relying on a crib is not enough for security. You must keep an eye on your baby for proper security and safety.

Don’t make your baby overheat

As every home is different and has a different rule, but having one for babies is mandatory.  When your baby’s crib is overheated, it can be very threatening for the little fella.

Look whether the temperature of the crib is normal or not. When the crib becomes heated then your baby can face trouble in breathing as it can cause heat and suffocation.

Put your baby to sleep on the back

put your baby to sleep on the back

When babies are small, they adopt all the habits that you give them. From the first day, getting them to adopt healthy habits is the right step. When you put your baby in the crib, make their direction towards the back-side. By doing this, it will be good for his/her health.

For the good nourishment of your baby, you must follow some ways and techniques like preventing them from sleeping on their belly. Let the baby sleep on the back to avoid any complications.

Make sure the crib has the right size

Before purchasing a crib, you have to make sure that the crib is of the right and appropriate size. Larger cribs than your baby’s size can be problematic for infants. Try to choose the size of the crib that relates to the baby’s age or size.

Check and ensure that the weight of the baby must not exceed by the weight of the crib, otherwise crib will be break or crash. When the size of the crib does not fit with the baby, your infant or kid will not feel comfortable while sleeping. That’s why the weight and appropriate size matters a lot in the safety of the baby.

Non-toxic Paint Color

If you are buying a second-hand crib for your baby, you must consider all the pros and cons of that mini crib. One of the most important factors is the construction material and wood used in the construction of the crib.

Some of the second-hand cribs have the peeling paint colors. The faint color of paint can be very harmful to the babies. It can affect the baby’s stomach as it is very dangerous for the health of your baby. Keep the crib of your infant free of all objects and the harmful effects of non-toxic elements.

Even the use of powder can also affect the baby’s health as inhaling it can lead to serious health issues.

Firmly Secured hardware

While purchasing a baby’s crib, you must be certain that the hardware of the crib is sturdy and firm. If the crib has weak parts, the crib will always be dangerous.

For the baby’s safety and well-being, you must consider all the factors very seriously as it is the matter of your loved one. You should never compromise on the security of your baby.


I have tried to briefly explain the needs and types of baby cribs in this article. Nowadays, baby cribs have become an essential need for babies and their parents.

While going on traveling or office, you must think about your baby. For this problem, baby cribs are the best option. These little items ley you carry your baby with you anywhere, at any time. Modern cribs can easily be folded into a small size preventing storage and transport issues.

I hope you liked my content and got the answer on can a newborn baby sleep in a crib or not.  Do share your reviews with us, if you want to read more interesting articles and topics.

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