What to Do When 2 Year Old Climbing out of Crib at Night

Once the child starts to crawl, your home may resemble a jungle gym. He may wander around the house, make attempts to try and taste everything, jump out of the couch, and whatnot. And it’s the time when you need to keep an eye on him. Every time!

You might wonder whether to ignore the ways he wants to scale the sides of the crib. Well, it’s something you should not ignore as he might injure himself if he succeeds. So what to do about 2 year old climbing out of crib at night?


Ways to prevent any injury to your child

Toddlers tend to climb out of the crib as they are developing their motor senses. According to the therapists, they try banging themselves on the floor and especially at night. Due to which there is a chance of injury and even death of the baby if there is no one to monitor his moves.

But how do I stop my 2 year old from climbing out of his crib?

Let’s discuss some ways to do so. Keep that in mind that you still need to monitor your child timely so that he can have a sound sleep at night.

5 Best Ways, How Do I Stop 2 Year Old Climbing Out Of Crib At Night

1.         Keep the mattress low

One of the ways to prevent your child from getting injured is to keep the mattress to the lowest possible setting you can. It will help him to stand straight without scaling the sides of the crib. It is the go-to answer for the most asked question, what do you do when your 2 year old climbs out of the crib?

Try not to add those extra pillows or beddings on the crib. It is suitable for the baby when he is sleeping low safe and sound.

2.       Keep a rug or a matt right below the crib

It’s essential to place a matt to help the kid so that he will not bang his head on the floor directly. Remember that he can slip real quick, so don’t wait whenever he places his one leg over the crib. Instead, help him settle there and teach him not to do so.

Adding some pillows next to the crib is an ideal option in this regard. Try it some time, and I am sure that it will help you feel more secured about your child.

3.       Avoid crib tents

It’s always unsafe to use a crib tent for your toddlers. It is because the toddlers may wrap themselves up in the tent fabric, leading to several complications. So, make the area clean and keep an eye on him.

4.      Set the boundaries

Make your child aware of his boundaries. Say no whenever he tries to climb out of the crib. This “no” will facilitate your child to acknowledge what’s good for him.

5.      Try using a sleep slack

Asleep slack is the remedy when it comes to stopping the child from climbing.

Asleep slack can be a source of distraction for your child and help him avoid playing with his leg and the crib.

Other things are to keep in mind that there is no need to panic. I know it’s scary to watch your child injuring himself. But your reaction can trigger his acts and he may try doing it again.

And it can worsen the case, so try not to freak a lot when he does so.

The age of your child

I know you must have questioned yourself about what age do babies climb out of crib.

Alright, climbing a crib is dependent on how old your child is. Mostly, the child starts climbing the crib at the age of two.

But it might vary from person to person and his activities. For instance, if your kid is sharp enough, he might start it at the age of 1 1/2 or start it after 2.

According to the therapists and experts, your child’s activities determine how you should keep an eye on him. His climbing frequency is yet another factor you need to look for. If he is doing it once a week or so, try getting him into his crib more often. And if he is old enough, why not trying to make him sleep on the bed?

The transitions can help him learn a lot about their sleeping schedule and motor activities. First, start by changing the crib’s position from his room to yours, or try something new like a toddler bed. Just make sure that you are doing it right, and it’s the right time for such transitions.

But why is my 2 years old getting up at night? Well, there is much more than just one reason for him to do so. Some physical changes might be a reason, like teething or a nose blockage.

For most children, it is reasonable to wake up at night, so as the night is walking. At times, it is just that they have slept enough. But if he has some infections or cries a lot, then you should not ignore the symptoms. Instead, go for a doctor and consult him.

But if it is his daily routine, you need to have patience and schedule his sleeping schedule slowly.

What to do when your child climbs out of the crib?

I know you have done a lot to avoid the situation, but somehow, he managed to climb the crib. A lot of questions might be running through your mind, including the one, what to do next?

If he is crying, try to help him. And check if he has injured himself. If not, you can still do a lot about it.

Try the steps I have discussed earlier to prevent such mishaps from now on.


I know it’s hard to find your child lying on the floor injured. In this article, I have talked about the ways you can prevent such incidents and the solutions for the issue of 2 year old climbing out of crib at night.

You owe to your child. A few tricks can do the job for you and make you feel safe about your child. I hope this article helped you to find what exactly you need to do in the upcoming days.

As always, I would love your input which trick did you find the most interesting? I hope to hear from you.

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